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General data
FactionPost-Human Coalition
Hit points10000
Sight radius700
Radar radius0
Logistics.png 30Metal.png 2940Radioactives.png 544
Construction time180

Hyperion is a Post-Human Coalition capital ship with unsurpassed staying power in the field in Ashes of the Singularity.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Hyperion is a capital ship with unsurpassed staying power in the field. Its firepower is deadly and its side cannons help to defend it against drones and aircrafts. This unit is not one you want to try and outlast; its front line assault platform has deadly firepower.


  • Instant Repair - Single Use effect. Immediately restores health to the entire army by deploying a cloud of short-lived nanites.


  • LvL1 Self-Sealing Hull - Slowly repairs damage to the Dreadnought as a permanent film of repair nanites seals breaches caused by enemy weapons.
  • LvL2 Healing Drones - Launches a self-replenishing swarm of hull-repair drones to support the Dreadnought and it's army.
  • LvL3 Durantium Armor - Reduces incoming damage to the Dreadnought with a permanent coat of extra-hard Durantium alloy


  • LvL1 Assault Drones - Launches a self-replenishing swarm of offensive drones to harass any threats to the Dreadnought.
  • LvL2 Disabling Bolts - Enemies struck by the dreadnought's weapons have small chance of being temporarily disabled.
  • LvL3 Overload Engines - Increases entire army's speed by 10% by dynamically evaluating reactors containment tolerances.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Target type Drone Frigate Cruiser Dreadnought Aircraft Building
Effectiveness 0 4 5 5 0 2
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